These 3 items from IKEA can help solve almost any closet woe.

Make an inexpensive upgrade to your one-rod-and-a-shelf closet.

by | Apr 3, 2016

If you have one of those bare bones builder-grade closets that desperately needs to be organized and updated but a new custom closet with built-ins just isn’t in the budget, these products from IKEA will transform the space and add the structure you need to store your items and keep them organized and accessible.

Malm Dresser

Take advantage of available floor space in the closet to move drawers to the closet and mimic the look of built-ins. The 19″ depth of the Malm fits in most reach-in closets. Just make sure that sliding doors will not block the drawers.

Fabric bin

A lightweight bin with a handle that fits the Kallax cubbies holds accessories, socks, underwear and other small items.

Kallax Cube

Fits side-by-side with the Malm dresser to hold shoes or bins.

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