Clothing + accessories

Buy less, choose well, make it last.

-Vivienne Westwood


How to take care of rubber boots

The Bra Recyclers

Bras are donated or given a second life as a (recycled) new product.

Cobbler Concierge

Online shoe and leather repair.


Recycle your denim.

Leather Spa

Repair and care needs for shoes and leather accessories.

Denim Therapy

Denim repair and customization.

Live more sustainably…shop secondhand



What to do with all those perfume samples you have lying around


Can I recycle it? All about floss


Recycling programs and products for hard-to-recycle materials.

Best Buy

Program to recycle electronics and appliances.

Old House Online

Directory of architectural salvage stores in the U.S.

Give back box

Reuse online shipping boxes to donate unwanted household items.


How to dispose of unused medications.

LEGO Replay

Donate LEGO bricks, elements, baseplates and mini figures.

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