My favorite season is here, and as I go about editing and re-organizing my house for spring, I keep getting drawn to these sleek white designs with light wood accents.

There’s something about this color/texture combo that is so fresh and springlike. For those of you in the midst of spring cleaning, new bins or canisters can be just the motivation you need to keep going.  Add in some of these items to contain, organize or display the items you are keeping and you are good to go.


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In the kitchen: Gather all of your coffee and tea necessities from around the kitchen (they tend to spread out to different cabinets and shelves around the room, don’t they?) and use the white lacquered bamboo tray to corral them and create a streamlined coffee or tea station on your kitchen counter. Use a couple of the bamboo jars to hold coffee beans, tea bags or sugar. Or splurge on a matching set of Le Creuset kitchen utensils if you’re looking to up your utensil game.

    In the linen closet: It’s easy to tidy up a messy linen closet with a few simple tricks. The open weave of these bamboo and metal baskets are perfect for holding folded or rolled sheets and towels neatly (for those of us who have a hard time stacking folded linens neatly) while letting you see what’s inside.        


In the bedroom: Go through your costume jewelry, purge what you no longer use, and show off your favorites with the Tosca accessory stand on your vanity or dresser.

In the bathroom: If you’re short on storage space for towels, lean a ladder against a wall and hang your towels there (or reading material, robes. etc.)…since the width is adjustable, it can fit into the narrowest of spaces. And while we’re on the subject of being short on storage space, use the Umbra caddy to store makeup or hair tools for easy access.

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