In our world, minimalism means having only what you use, need and love – no more, no less.

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How to streamline your laundry routine

How to streamline your laundry routine

The longer you put it off, the more the mess piles up.You've updated your laundry room or purchased the latest high efficiency appliances, but somehow the laundry is still not doing itself. Unless laundry day runs like a well-oiled machine, you probably have a...

How to create a minimalist wardrobe

How to create a minimalist wardrobe

It's not what you think.Focus on a pared-down closet, rather than a capsule wardrobe. That entails buying things that are someone else's idea of what you need: pencil skirts, anyone? Before you even think of adding anything new, focus on getting rid of everyting...

These 3 items from IKEA can help solve almost any closet woe.

These 3 items from IKEA can help solve almost any closet woe.

Make an inexpensive upgrade to your one-rod-and-a-shelf closet.If you have one of those bare bones builder-grade closets that desperately needs to be organized and updated but a new custom closet with built-ins just isn't in the budget, these products from IKEA will...

Spice cabinet organization

Spice cabinet organization

For people who love to cookSpices and cooking oils organized by category within easy reach of the stove.Lowest shelves Spices and cooking liquids are divided by category and stored on labeled turntables.  Higher shelves Lesser-used spices and the bulk spices used...

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