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Recommendations by experienced professional organizers to shop for the styles, types and sizes of products you need

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DIY plans that can help you get organized at a fraction of the cost of in-home organizing.

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About House Editors

House Editors was founded with the belief that every space in your house has the potential to look good and function efficiently when you focus on living better with less. Our goal is to provide the resources, tips and inspiration to help you get there.

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House Editors can also create solutions and tailor-made packages for organizing and decorating projects. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to our services – no unrealistic and unmaintainable spaces here. From organizing your junk drawer to refreshing your whole house, we can streamline your spaces to make your house work better for you.

Founder + CEO

Tara Scott has a background in architectural history, preservation and historic property appraisal. Tara’s influences are drawn from her upbringing with an artist mother and a father who was a¬†systems engineer, along with a penchant for all things neat and organized.

She started her first organizing business Home Edit in 2014, honing her organizing skills working with clients in San Diego to pare down and transform their houses. After working with hundreds of clients, Tara realized the extent to which clutter and

unnecessary objects create obstacles in daily life. She founded House Editors as a digital outlet to encourage people to live better with less: less clutter, less stress, less waste, less junk.

Tara’s education includes a BA in psychology from Vassar College and an MS in historic preservation from the School of Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin. She is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. She resides in New Jersey.

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