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House Editors is a digital guide to an organized house. We want to show you how to simplify your life and stop wasting time and money on stuff you don’t need. We share pro tips, organizing systems and insider resources to help you get organized, stay organized and make your house work better for you.

Tara Scott


Tara has a background in design, historic preservation and historic property appraisal. She started her organizing business Home Edit in 2014, working with clients in San Diego to pare down and transform their houses. After years of working one-on-one with clients, Tara realized the extent to which clutter and unnecessary objects create obstacles in daily life. She founded House Editors as a digital outlet to encourage people to live better with less: less clutter, less stress, less waste, less junk.

Tara’s education includes a BA in psychology from Vassar College and an MS in historic preservation from the School of Architecture at The University of Texas at Austin. She resides in New Jersey.

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