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House Editors Spice Cabinet Lazy Susan Turntable

How to organize your kitchen with turntables

Whether you call it a lazy susan or a turntable, it can be one of the most useful items in your kitchen.


What minimalism means to us

In our world, the idea of minimalism simply means having only what you use, need and love – no more, no less.

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Useful + beautiful.
Give every space in your house a defined purpose.


Unique + timeless.
Elevate your space by focusing on functional, high quality, meaningful items.

Well-edited wardrobe

Dress better with less. Transform your closet into a peaceful, streamlined space that makes it easy to get dressed in the morning.

Intentional Living

Get rid of what you don’t use, need and love. Use and appreciate what you already have. Be choosier about what you buy, and never go shopping without a plan and a list.


Every item should earn its place in your house.
Then you can set up maintainable systems to get and stay organized.

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